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Wangetti, April 22 2012, 8.00pm

Wangetti, April 22 2012, 8.00pm

On the 22nd April 2012, four of us were travelling from Port Douglas to Cairns. At approximately 8.00pm we were 3 kilometres south of Wangetti. No other vehicles were in sight on the road and we were travelling in darkness apart from our car headlights.

Three of us saw a green-blue light in the sky ahead that was travelling vertically downwards in a controlled manner. The light was bright but contained. I was sitting in the passenger seat and was just about to vocalize my concern that the light was heading for us when it disappeared.

We were unable to explain what we saw! It was only visible for a few seconds. The fourth person in the vehicle failed to see the object.


Wangetti, Queensland, Australia


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