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Wamuran, May 21 2004, 9.00pm

Wamuran, May 21 2004, 9.00pm

My wife and I have recently arrived in Australia. Saturday the 21st, about 9pm or maybe a bit later, we were returning from McLintock road in Wamuran and turned onto Green lane. It was very quite at that time of night [and during the day too.] At the crossroad with Green lane and Franks lane we noticed a bank of three lights that were horizontal. We thought it might be a plane but it seemed a bit low on the horizon and wasn’t moving. We were intrigued so we parked the car and watched it. It seemed to disappear and then reappear while it seemed to be Descending. We looked at each other, and then before we got back into the car a bright red light appeared that was maybe a third of the size of the moon. It was moving across the sky at a constant speed from right to left, then it changed direction very smoothly and was heading towards the Glass House mountains. We watched it for a couple of minutes in absolute awe. It was very bright and didn’t look artificial to be honest. Then we heard loud noises, almost like small explosion in the earth, then we heard some kind of screaming like children, and then the dogs in the area started to bark. We got scared and got back into the car. I instinctively look in my mirror when setting off and I noticed a bright white light behind me in the shape of a ball. I half expected it to be a car but no car came past. My wife was terrified so we left straight away, driving along Franks lane towards highway 85. Neither of us has ever experienced anything like that. We are from England and we will definitely be paying more attention to your website and these sightings in general.


Wamuran, Queensland, Australia


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