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Wallaville (same witness as previous) 24 June, 5.55am

Wallaville (same witness as previous) 24 June, 5.55am

This morning at 0550 hrs I was out on my front patio having my morning cuppa. I was looking out at the sunrise when suddenly, for no reason, I looked up above me and saw the most awesome thing. This object (at first I thought it was a piece of space junk) looked like it was slowly falling to earth, but then it started to glide off in a northwest direction. It was a bright, yellow/whitish light that pulsated (became very bright then faded etc). It made no sound at all as it glided off — it didn’t speed off, it moved smoothly. It was shaped similar to an egg but looked like it had a smaller arc shape above and it looked like it glowed brighter on the top side. It was at a height higher than aircraft use, and ass it glided off its light paled but still pulsated.

I was transfixed and gobsmacked. I just wished that someone else was around to see it. I didn’t even have time to grab the camera to try and capture it on film. I am providing some diagrams to help describe what I saw and where it was going and my line of vision.


Wallaville, Queensland, Australia


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