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Wallaville, Friday January 5 2009, 8.00pm

Wallaville, Friday January 5 2009, 8.00pm

Last night, 5 January 2009, around 8.00pm I was sitting out on our front steps and commenting to my sister-in-law that I hadn’t seen the ‘resident lights’ for a while. Just as I had said that, my 15 year old son wanted to know what this strange light was, as it was travelling from the southwest to the north at a fairly rapid pace. My husband, sister-in-law, two other sons, a neighbour and her girls all saw this light. It was a creamy, white bright light, made no noise (completely silent), travelled at a ‘mid-level cloud’ elevation and was travelling quite rapidly before it just disappeared as if its lights were turned off. Within about two minutes of seeing it disappear, another bright bluish-white light appeared above us and went in the same direction and disappeared quite near the same spot as the first one. This light was brighter than the first light and it was also silent. My neighbour now believes me and I am happy that others have witnessed them at the same time as myself.


Wallaville, Queensland, Australia


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