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Wallaville (Central Qld Coast), October 2007 – June 2008

Wallaville (Central Qld Coast), October 2007 – June 2008

I thought I would write to let you know of recent experiences/sightings of a unknown object that I have affectionately called my “resident light”.

I live in a small country town of Wallaville which is situated near Bundaberg in Queensland. The sightings first started around October 2007. I was on the phone talking to a friend when suddenly two very bright, white, strobing lights appeared in the northern sky. The lights strobed every 10 ten and when a couple of aircraft flew over the white lights stopped their strobing. However, it recommenced once the aircraft were gone.

I have seen these bright, white, silent strobing lights on and off since then. However my family didn’t believe me until one night in early April 2008. I was standing outside with my husband and family when I spotted the “resident light” and showed them. We were there for about an hour watching this light strobe every five minutes, and whenever it did, it appeared at another area. My husband and son then saw this light doing a fantastic display at a friend’s place. It was all quiet, when last Monday morning (26 May 2008) at 0530hrs, my husband and I were having our early morning cuppa and smoke outside. I mentioned that I hadn’t seen my “resident light” when my husband suddenly said, “Well what the bloody hell is that thing coming this way?”

It was a very bright, large, silent, white round orb moving in from the northern sky toward the eastern sky. I went right outside to watch it. It travelled at a constant speed, only slightly faster than a plane and its light dimmed as it headed toward the eastern horizon. Then that same evening at about 2030hrs I was putting rubbish into my bin at the front when a bright flash caught my eye. Over the top of my carport, looking toward the south, at approximately 60 degrees from the horizon, was a very bright, white stationary light. I stood and watched it for about ten minutes, then made my way inside. On coming out again to view some thirty minutes later, it was gone. I went out the back to locate it, but it was not to be seen again until last night (2 June 2008) at 2100hrs,

I was talking to my neighbour and I suddenly saw this bright, white stationary light in the eastern sky. It appeared to slightly inch closer then stay put. I phoned my husband and he said that he could see it as well and he works out at Biloela. My neighbour, my son, and I took photos of it with our phone cameras (below) and videos. When my neighbour went to replay it, the video suddenly disappeared off his phone. Even rebooting his phone didn’t make it reappear. My son’s phone camera played up while trying to take these photos when it previously didn’t have anything wrong with it.

This light continues to be seen regularly. The pattern of time ranges from 7.30pm – 10.00pm and 5.00am – 6.00am. It has mostly been between these times that these goings-on have occurred. The object seems to change colour when looking through the camera lens or the binoculars. It changes from red to blue to white to yellow to green then back to white. To the naked eye, it was a super bright, white light and heaps brighter than the brightest star. It could be likened to a single car light on high beam. My neighbour even commented on how it changed its colour and reckoned it was ‘trippy’, and no we weren’t on drugs and no weren’t drinking either. We were stone cold sober so to speak.

As for phones not working, my video mode on my phone wouldn’t work while the camera was directed at it but the video mode did when I focused on something else, e.g. the flowers near where I was sitting. All three phones played up in one way or another. My neighbour’s phone lost the video, it just wiped off the phone, my son’s phone camera kept playing up and my video mode wouldn’t play the game. There was no sound, unusual smells or sensations. We were just awe struck.

Everyone that I know that has seen this light, including my family and myself, firmly believe that it is not of this planet. We can’t be the only living beings in this universe. We are perplexed but intrigued at the same time.


Wallaville, Queensland, Australia


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