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Wakerley, March 26 2005, 6.00am

Wakerley, March 26 2005, 6.00am

At about 6.00am on Saturday 26th March 2005 my son and I were driving to work at Wakerley [near Wynnum] in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane . I became aware of an object in the eastern sky that I initially thought to be a skywriting plane. I alerted my son, and we both observed the object travelling from north to south at about the same rate of speed as a commercial passenger plane. The object had and maintained a long bright tail similar to a comet. As the sun started to rise we could see light reflecting from the metal or similar at the front of the object. We therefore concluded that this was some sort of craft. As it reached the south-eastern horizon it appeared to hover in one position. As I backtracked its course I saw another identical object again travelling the same course approximately three minutes behind the first one. We kept observing the second craft, and contingently checked the first, which remained hovering in one spot. As the second craft approached the first they both disappeared momentarily. The crafts appeared to have no sounds emitting from them.

My son and I were quite intrigued by the sightings and both agreed that we had never seen anything like them – nor did we have any clue as to their identities. We were wondering if your organisation could assist us in this regard or reveal others who may have witnessed the same event.


Wakerley, Queensland, Australia


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