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Wagga Wagga [NSW], March 17 2004, 8:40pm

Wagga Wagga [NSW], March 17 2004, 8:40pm

We were sitting on the front porch at approximately 8:40pm, looking approximately north-west, when we noticed a large yellowish-bronze light. While watching, it slowly appeared to move south-west. We began to walk down the street in the same direction, watching the light between houses where we could see it, finally stopping at a crossroads where we could observe without obstruction. It seemed large yet far away and appeared to dim and brighten repeatedly. After about 15 minutes it seemed not to be moving but looked to be getting smaller, as if heading away from us in a north-west direction. Suddenly the object disappeared. We spoke to the Wagga Wagga RAAF base and were told there were no aircraft in the area, and that nothing takes off or lands at the Wagga Wagga RAAF [?!].


Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia


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