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Upper Kedron, April 5, 2015, 9.00pm

Upper Kedron, April 5, 2015, 9.00pm

I saw a lit object traveling out of the western sky in an easterly direction – towards me and as it came closer, slightly towards the south. I was in front of my home putting out rubbish.. The object caught my attention as it was bright with an odd wobble and traveling toward me.The object appeared quite high in the sky, although it was difficult to determine how high and therefore how large the object was.without any reference. As the object got closer I could clearly see it was not a craft I had seen before. This object appeared to be two bright spheres orbiting each other in close formation – the object appeared to be one craft. The spheres continual movement gave the object the wobble I had first noticed. My wife also witnessed the object after I ran back inside to get her. The object continued east until we lost sight of it. I attempted to take photos, but I did not get an image. We watched the object for approximately 5 minutes.


Upper Kedron, brisbane, australia


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