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Undisclosed location, NSW, September 15 2009

Undisclosed location, NSW, September 15 2009

A 30 year old male was referred to us. He reported he has seen a [space]ship at age 13 or 14. He’s had reptilian-like beings disturbing them and had a panic attack after the first time he saw them. He feels hostile intent from them but they couldn’t abduct him like the greys do for some reason. The reptilians he’s seen have dog like features, long ears against their head and stand upright with dog like legs. He’s had many abduction experiences with the greys and has memories of seeing himself naked on a table having blood tests. He feels angry and violated by them.

On one occasion he was on a ship and saw someone sitting on a “throne” like he was the commander. He saw many people like South Americans or Mexicans in prison cells hooked up to machines that seemed to be sucking the life out of them that powered the ships. The people seemed drugged and not coherent and held captive like prisoners. The greys wanted him to go with them but he said “no way”. He wonders why they showed him these things if they wanted to encourage him to go with them. He’s been told that if we knew what was really going on with planet Earth we would throw our hands up and not want any part of it.

On another occasion after calling out for help with his encounters, he had the experience of a human looking being appearing to him who looked like Jesus. The being placed his hands on his head then disappeared. Three days later a white object that had been lodged underneath his tongue for years fell out. It was small like a pill, oval with little bumps over it. He caught it in his hand and noticed it was vibrating and moving around. He was so upset about his experiences he threw it away not wanting anything to do with it.

On another occasion he woke up and found liquid like water coming out of his nose and a sharp pain in his head.

He had a childhood encounter with a cloaked and hooded demonic being with cat-like eyes. It appeared beside his bed after his mother awoke and she felt its presence but didn’t see it. He was sitting up against the wall with fear thinking it was going to kill him.

He had also seen a little girl dressed in white when he was living by himself. He had dark entities attacking him. The girl kissed him on the lips and his lips tingled. She said, “there, they won’t hurt you any more”, and the entities left the house screeching. After this he couldn’t stop laughing for three days.

On another occasion he was living in the country. He “received” a message to go to a particular place so he jumped on his motor bike and rode off. On the way his bike broke down and he realized he wouldn’t make it back to town that night and would have to sleep in the bush. Then a thunderstorm approached and he thought “that’s just great, why the hell am I here?” Next thing a car appeared out of nowhere right next to him. He didn’t hear or see it’s approach and expected he should have. A man was driving with a female passenger. The woman asked if he wanted a ride which he gladly accepted. She said to him, “have you seen the lights in the forest. Have you seen the lights change to people? That’s why we’re here, to look for the lights in the forest.” Then the couple drove him 20klms in the opposite direction to where they were headed to return him to town.

On another occasion he was outside having a drink and a cigarette when a man dressed in white appeared from the bush. He was dressed like an Indian or Egyptian (not quite the same) in a long white shirt with baggy long white trousers. He had his hair cut short and neat with an immaculately trimmed goatie beard. The man asked “when are you going to stop poisoning yourself?” then disappeared.

On another occasion he saw a short being with powdery blue skin wearing a spacesuit. The being had pointy ears, jet black hair cut around his face and bushy eyebrows. He wore a dark leather suit with something wrapped on his arm like a weapon that could fire a laser beam.

Some beings give him the impression there is a war going on and we’re part of it. He said, “it has something to do with a battle over territory. All is not well on planet Earth”. This man doesn’t share the view that greys are loving beings and feels disturbed that people believe it.


NSW, Australia


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