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Underwood, November 19 2007

Underwood, November 19 2007

I have always been a strong believer in alien life forms. As a child I had repetitive dreams of being abducted and also saw a yellow light moving in weird directions above my house when I was young. My parents also witnessed this strange occurrence. Well tonight, being the 19th of November, my partner was having a cigarette in the back yard of our house in Underwood when I heard him yelling out my name. I ran out the back and saw a round yellow-orange light in the distance. We watched it fly in a straight line, no noise, no flashing lights, so we definitely knew it wasn’t an airplane. After we watched it for approximately five minutes we saw it change to a more orange-red colour, and soon after the light in the sky vanished right before our eyes. My partner is one of the biggest sceptics I know, but tonight he saw something he described as unidentified, but will not admit to it being an alien craft as I think it is. So yes from a sceptic and a huge believer, we definitely saw something.


Underwood, Queensland, Australia


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