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Hi my name is Matthew Morgan and my encounter was really strange in that it was in broad daylight I come from a small town in Queensland called Tully in the far north I currently live in mt gambier but anyway this was about seven years ago but I still remember it quite vividly I was working in a banana plantation out jarra ck which is about twenty minutes outside of Tully I was in a crew of about five people in the banana paddock working up the rows of trees and I was the first to reach the end so I thought I’d light a cigarette and wait for the boys to catch up so I turned in towards the paddock to watch the lads working towards me when suddenly I heard a buzzing noise from behind me coming my way I quickly dropped to the ground but as I did so I looked up and I seen an object that was white and it was moving so fast that if I had blinked I would have missed it it was so close to me that I felt the wind from it as it flew pass and from what I could make out it was about three metres wide and it made a strange buzzing noise that initially made me drop to the ground it was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced and I immediately stood up and ran in the plantation to see if anybody else seen or heard anything but no one did.I’ve only told a few people about this including my girlfriend and a few mates who I thought wouldn’t ridicule me but yea I still remember it like it was yesterday it almost felt like the craft was taunting me being that it flew so close to my head it was so strange.so that is my account of what I seen that day and it is all true


5-21 Brosnan St, Tully QLD 4854, Australia


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