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UFO flying beside car.

UFO flying beside car.

Around 1996-97 (perhaps around July) near Rainbow (or closer to Kenmare), Victoria in fairly remote farmland. My older sister (on her P-plates) & I were driving just after dark on the main Rainbow-Beulah Rd in a North westerly direction. A set of at least 3-4 different coloured lights appeared to the right side of the road-maybe within 10 metres of us. They were flying underneath/to the side of power lines, with very sparse low-lying gum trees between us and the object occasionally. My sister was pretty frightened and kept driving, screaming at me not to look, but I took off my seat belt and jumped in the backseat to watch. It stayed alongside us for anywhere from 1-5 minutes, it’s hard to recall the amount of time now. Nothing changed and I saw no more shape to it, but I just watched as it appeared to follow alongside us.


Kenmare, Victoria


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