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UFO (1998)

UFO (1998)

This is the first time I’ve written down the UFO sighting that I, my mother and father all witnessed in, I think, 1998 (possibly 1997, we can’t remember the exact year).

We were feeding our horses at a property in Black River, a northern suburb of Townsville. It was starting to get dark but we were waiting for the horses to finish eating before locking the property gate. The property was in the bush so there were no street lights, it was quite dark, and we always had a wonderful clear view of the sky and stars.

While standing with our horses we noticed a ball of light hovering above the mountains to the north/west, I think it was above Mount Black. The ball of light was a yellowish orange and was stationary at what looked like several hundred meters above the mountain. My parents were talking about what it could be when it suddenly started to move, doing quick, almost erratic movements in different directions (it would quickly move upwards then stop, then across and stop, then down and stop, and then back up and stop). It did these strange movements for what I remember as a few minutes and then while we were all watching in awe, it shot straight upwards into the sky and had disappeared within a fraction of a second.

At this point we all jumped into our car and my dad drove us home at an unusually fast speed on the dirt road! The whole way home I listened to my parents debate about what it was we had just seen, or what it could have been, and I have been intrigued and excited by UFO sightings ever since. I still remember vividly that evening, even though I was only about 10 years old at the time and don’t have many clear memories of my younger years.




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