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Tweed Heads [NSW], Monday July 26 2004, 9:00pm

Tweed Heads [NSW], Monday July 26 2004, 9:00pm

I saw a strange thing in the sky last night, and was wondering if anyone else had reported it. I’m quite sure it was not a plane or a helicopter. My husband, daughter and myself were travelling south on the highway, south of Tweed Heads, I think a kilometre or two north of where the new and old highways meet. It was probably around 9.00pm. I was a passenger in the front seat and saw this ‘thing’ to my left with two very bright white lights on the front. It was quite low and was travelling alongside us. Then I couldn’t see it and my daughter, who was in the back said that it was following behind us. I turned and saw it was really close to us, then it rose up and we saw that it had very bright white lights underneath it. It seemed to hover there for a short time, then the next thing we knew it appeared to be back up north a few kilometres, hovering higher up in the sky and above houses. We continued south and didn’t see it again. It was a very strange experience and I am quite sure that this ‘thing’ didn’t make any noise. My 12 year-old daughter and I saw the exact same thing at the same time so we know we weren’t imagining it. [Editors note: UFORNSW have contacted this witness for further information but have not received a response.]


Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia


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