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Traveston, Gympie, November 10-11 2007

Traveston, Gympie, November 10-11 2007

An unusual pattern was found on the reporter’s son-in-law’s property on the weekend of November 10 and 11 2007. The circled had formed in water-lilies in a dam in Traveston, Gympie (north of Brisbane). The formation of the circles was not observed by any witnesses and vegetation and livestock in the neighbouring paddock displayed no unusual behaviour or ill-effects. There are no known weather events that could have caused the lilies to separate in the manner that they have. The circle has a centre area clear of lilies or other vegetation, with the lilies being divided into two distinct bands, with a thin dividing area between these bands. The person reporting the event stated that “some lilies had obviously floated a bit because the circle was a bit wobbly so they must have been torn from their roots. Looking at the picture it seems there are some brownish lilies, but whether or not its browning off I can’t remember. We were going to take more photos but the phone’s battery went dead.”


Traveston, Queensland, Australia


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