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Traralgon, Victoria, August 2005

Traralgon, Victoria, August 2005

I have always wondered about this event and I decided to look up UFO sightings tonight and was surprised to see someone else had a similar experience on the same night in Traralgon. I wrote it down so I would not forget it. A most interesting thing happened on Saturday August 7 2005 as we were heading home. We were driving along the highway (from Traralgon to our house which is around 7kms away near the Latrobe Regional Hospital) at around 10:30pm when my husband suddenly said, “David, (my young son who was 9 years old) look above in the sky.” I looked up and saw a perfect circular ring with perfect circular cloud rings, and it followed our car at the same speed we were travelling, on our left side. It was about twenty feet high.

Imagine the circles being perfect and they were clouds. There were no cars in front, behind or on the side in another road. As we turned right towards the airport road from the highway towards our place, the circle followed us. We turned left, it followed us left until we took the car inside the garage. We got out of the garage and outside, the cloud formation was about eight feet above the garage, perfect in formation and I was surprised to see that the circles were made of cloud, inside the massive cloud, and were swirling in unison like a figure eight. Inside the circles it was black, ie. you could see straight through each circle into the night sky. There was no beam above or below. It was pitch dark and no clouds were visible above it, and the object was totally silent and I felt like I was being watched. It was really eerie as I have never seen anything like this before.

The most amazing thing was seeing those clouds swirling in perfect unison, making perfect circles. Coming home, the circle that followed us went past clouds and did not disappear as it flew under clouds. My sister said that her son’s friend also saw it from Traralgon South and text messaged immediately to find out what it was. Someone claims that it was the disco lights from the Astro Dome, but every Saturday we go through the same highway around this time to come home and we have never seen this. How is it that a light from a disco place can follow you and at such a long distance? There were no light beams on it, it was a cloud that followed us. How is it that it stopped above the garage and had those cloud rings moving perfectly? I cannot figure this out and am happy that someone else reported it. I wonder whether this sighting is common elsewhere around the world. I never reported it because I haven’t come across this before.


Traralgon, Victoria, Australia


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