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Traralgon [VIC], August 7 2005, 1.00am

Traralgon [VIC], August 7 2005, 1.00am

On Sunday morning at 0100hrs I noticed something strange in the sky. We live about four kilometres out of Traralgon Victoria, on a rural property. The night was very clear and still, and I noticed as I stopped to open the gate a large white cloud-like thing in the sky just ahead of me, but to the right. It was a cloud-like mass, which was hovering above, but although stationary was continually forming a figure-8 pattern. The white-coloured mass appeared to contain within it many perfectly formed circles. Very strange. I went through the gate and watched it for a little longer, wondering If I was seeing things, and even turned the car lights off, but this thing continued to circle above. As I drove towards the house the mass moved forward and ahead of me, and as I approached the house it hovered over the top of it, and then moved off further into the distance. I know this all sounds strange, and it seemed very weird to me, but I was wondering if anybody else happened to see anything similar in the sky on Sunday night? [Report forwarded to VUFORS]


Traralgon, Victoria, Australia


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