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Townsville, Saturday April 19 2009, 3.40am

Townsville, Saturday April 19 2009, 3.40am

On Saturday the 19th April 2009, I was outside on my back deck here in Townsville , having a cigarette and looking at the stars when I noticed a very huge object that blended in with the colour of the sky (dark grey). This object appeared to be a V-shape and was just gliding very slowly, lower than plane height, and it had rows of very dim grey blue-coloured lights around the V shape. The time was 3.40 am. I watched for about 50 seconds before it disappeared behind some trees. It had no noise associated with it. I waited for about five more minutes but did not see it again, however I did see a small light aircraft coming in low to the airport and could hear that easily.


Townsville, Queensland, Australia


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