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Townsville, June, 2011

Townsville, June, 2011

A woman had travelled to Ravensbourne to visit a friend. While there she and her friend visited another friend for dinner. On the way home, about eight minutes into the drive, the witness noticed three green lights reflecting off the sun visor of the car. She looked out and up through the windscreen and saw a huge circle about 30 metres in diameter emitting beams of light down towards the ground.

She then turned to look out through the rear window and saw the whole object, which consisted of eight lights spinning anticlockwise in a whirlwind fashion. The object was about 30 metres (100 ft) above them and as they drove over a ridge the object disappeared, only to return overhead when they passed the ridge.

On another occasion the woman (a school teacher) was observing students in the playground when she received a telepathic message to “look up, look up”. When she did she saw two small silver balls in the sky. She then asked a student if they could see anything in the sky and he did. He then called a friend over and soon there was a group of students looking at the same object she had observed. One week later she was outside a shop and received the same message to “look up.” She did so and this time she saw one silver ball. As it happened a student walked by and she asked if he could see anything and he confirmed that he could see the same thing. Soon one of the other teachers walked by and saw the object too. He tried to locate satellite and other information on his iPhone but nothing was predicted to be in that location at that time.

The witness also reported seeing an object some years previously outside with her father at night. As she was speaking to him a luminous white object about 1/4 size of the Moon travelled horizontally behind her father across the sky. It took ten seconds to go from one side to the other before disappearing.

When she was a child her mother said she saw a UFO during the night while she was up going to the toilet. About six months later the witness awoke to a sense of beings in her room which frightened her. Later when she was a university student she was taken to a UFO where she was inside a craft. She found herself standing next to a tall person. Here she was told “we’re taking you to teachers college”, which wasn’t on her personal agenda. Although the woman dismissed this as a dream at the time, sure enough, one year later she found herself at teachers college and now works as a school teacher.

About 15 years previous, the woman was renting a very large house and had a lot of people living there to pay the rent. One night she had a friend visiting who was sleeping on the floor next to her. Some time during the night she “sat bolt upright” and was wide awake. She looked at the end of her bed and saw a white luminous being of light. It was emitting a telepathic message of love and she described the experience as “lifetimes of beauty and love went through my body”. When the woman was 12 years old she and her four year old brother were dressed and ready to go to church with their parents and waiting on the veranda of their house. The woman saw a ball of lightning “ambling down the road”. It was luminous, bigger than a basketball but smaller than a beach ball and headed for a collision course with a power pole outside the house. The woman grabbed her brother and took him outside into the street for safety. When the object hit the power pole it exploded, knocked out the power in the house and blew up their air conditioner.


Townsville, Queensland, Australia


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