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Townsville, January-February 2012

Townsville, January-February 2012

I quite enjoy investigating strange sightings in my spare time in North Queensland. Recently I have received reports of a strange flying creature in Townsville. About a month ago two separate people witnessed a flying object in the sky at night. They described the object to look somewhat like a bat, with bat-like wings but the body of a man. The object was very dark. Without looking into this further, this sighting seems quite similar to the Mothman sightings of West Virginia USA that are now UFO folk law. Possibly a couple of people with an excessive imagination?? Perhaps, however my investigation on this is still ongoing, but thought I would shoot you guys an email and see if you have had any similar reports recently?? Whether it be in the north Queensland area or Australia wide. (Editor’s note: Regular readers will know that this is not the first sighting report of a ‘flying man’ received from North Queensland.)


Townsville, Queensland, Australia


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