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Townsville, February 1 2003, reported December 2008

Townsville, February 1 2003, reported December 2008

After sighting a UFO in 2000 (a strange orange light following a car. The article made the local paper due to the numerous sightings), I have been actively looking out for UFOs.

In Townsville, on the night of 01 Feb 2003, at roughly 9:15pm after coming back from a jog, I was doing some stretches on my second story unit balcony. As I was glancing up I sighted three white lights in a triangular formation that looked quite high up. They were spaced quite far apart, easily far enough to be three separate objects. They were travelling quite fast — it took roughly seven seconds for them to travel from directly above me to the horizon. I could tell they were quite high, as they travelled above clouds. They were silent, with no smoke or vapour trail. The lights were about the same size as a satellite, yet they were about two or three times as bright.

After some research, these light formations may possibly have been US Navy tracking satellites used since the 70’s and 80’s. But they are nothing like any satellites I have seen before. The strangest thing I thought was that this was seen on the same night as the space shuttle Columbia disaster.


Townsville, Queensland, Australia


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