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Townsville, August 14 2010, 11.00pm

Townsville, August 14 2010, 11.00pm

I’d like to report a strange light I witnessed over Townsville in mid August (approx the 14th). I was standing in my backyard in Oonoonba, having a cigarette, at around 11.00pm. I glanced up into the sky and noticed an orange fireball about half the size of a full moon, which seemed to be stationary. I speculated that it must have been a military jet with afterburners lit, travelling directly away from me. However it seemed to stay in the one place far too long. It was hard to gauge at what altitude this “fireball” was, other than to say it was below the upper-level cloud. It remained stationary for approximately 30 seconds, then suddenly seemed to gain height at an extraordinary rate.

The “fireball” grew dimmer the higher it travelled until it was a faint glow on the upper level cloud. It then headed in an easterly direction out over the ocean. I have no idea what this “fireball” was.

The weather was cool for Townsville and the sky was partially cloudy, with some mid-level and high-level cloud. The “fireball” made no sound that I could hear.


Townsville, Queensland, Australia


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