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Townsville, 1970s [reported September 2004]

Townsville, 1970s [reported September 2004]

I would like to tell you about something that happened to my family and I back in the late 1970s. It’s a tale I don’t normally speak about but I decided to take a chance and tell it to you.

My parents and I had a beach house about thirty minutes drive north of Townsville in north Queensland at a place called Toomula, a small beachside community. It was a Friday night and we were going fishing on the Saturday over at an island about thirteen or so miles off the coast called Rattlesnake, an island used for target practice at one time by the RAAF, so we needed to get some bait. We were down at the mouth of Saltwater Creek, which also gave the small settlement its more commonly used name of Saltwater Beach, and my father was casting for bait when I noticed a bright light up in the sky that was reflecting strongly in the water. Baffled by the light I drew it to the attention of my parents and grandfather, who was also with us. My father had a large torch with him and he used this to shine up at the light, and he flashed the torch at it several times. To our surprise the light in the sky flashed back at us several times before taking off at a great speed, heading along the coast towards Townsville, and I still believe that I saw the search light from the Townsville Airport shine up at it, which caused it to shoot out to sea for a distance before turning back in our general direction. It was still way out to sea when it passed behind the island I have already mentioned, proving that it was very low down in the sky. Then it started coming directly back towards us.

This light, or whatever it was, made no sound whatsoever and was obviously big, and it covered what must have been at least a hundred miles in a matter of seconds. Coming back towards us it came to a halt further from us than it had been when we first saw it, and hovered in the sky for a short time before it started to move up and down, and then from side to side. Then, to our horror I suppose, it started coming towards us, making a zigzag pattern as it moved towards us, again making no sound. It was at this point that my parents, grandfather and I headed for home as fast as we could. My grandfather even broke a toe on an exposed tree root as we were all more concerned by what was behind us than what was in front. Later that night my father and grandfather saw two such lights above the hills behind Toomula, where the woman who lived next door to us said they had a base. The lady next door had told us about these lights that passed over the settlement at about the same time every night and that they had a base up in the hills, but no one believed her, including us until we experienced it for ourselves. After we spoke up about it others came forward and we learnt that some people living on a hill near the beach were so scared that they wouldn’t let their children or animals outside at night.


Townsville City, Queensland, Australia


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