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Townsville, 11 October 11 2008, 9.00pm

Townsville, 11 October 11 2008, 9.00pm

We live in Cranbrook. I just want to know if anyone else saw it, or know of an aircraft that might have five lights visible at once (that the red and green are back to front) and a vertical pale blue glowey light on the tail “fin”… gee this sounds out there just asking but its all true and we all saw it. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation… or at least someone else saw it…

Daughter (9) and I were outside, Ruby (the mutt) was doing what dogs do. We saw a strange looking plane in the sky. It came from the left, which is a flight path and headed in the right direction. It suddenly became larger quickly and the lights were all wrong. The red lights were on the right, and the green lights were on the left. There were two at the back and two at the front. (You shouldn’t be able to see all four lights at once anyhow when a plane is flying?) I saw an extra blue light there… and the sense of a large tail fin that was a very dim glowy electric light blue.

I could only make out the lights not the shape of the aircraft except briefly. It seemed longer than a large airplane and somehow thicker too. I watched it get to the palm trees, then raced over towards the fence to keep watching it. It seemed much closer, and seemed to glide somehow… or hover….

The kids came out and my son and nephew caught the last few seconds and daughter missed it. It seemed to be a lot closer than my mind could accept, but we couldn’t hear it and you just don’t expect to see something so unusual. Its descent path was sharp enough to make me think it would not be able to land at the airport, that it was landing much closer and off the flight path.


Townsville, Queensland, Australia


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