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Toowoomba, Saturday June 12 1999, 8.25 to 8.35pm

Toowoomba, Saturday June 12 1999, 8.25 to 8.35pm

[Numerous reports from our Toowoomba representative]
Two people saw two stationary orange lights. Bottom one moved to top one then disappeared. 9-9.30pm: People saw orange lights in diamond formation. Blinked and fell away as if like parachutes, but one went upwards and they all disappeared into different parts of the sky. No noise. Most people saw something like lava, fire or flame drop from the objects. and at some stage splitting into 2 groups. All seen over the southwest of Toowoomba near airport.

The Toowoomba Chronicle contacted our representative for the area, Karim Hashim-Jones, after a woman reported seeing unusual objects in the sky. This prompted further reports to Karim from approximately 14 other witnesses who also saw unusual objects. The reports related to a sighting that occurred on the 12th of June between 9pm and 9.30pm involving orange lights that, according to some witnesses, appeared to form an irregular diamond shape or a diagonal line. Some of these witnesses reported that something that looked like molten lava, fire or flames dropped from the objects towards the earth. Most people reported the objects splitting into two groups whilst making no noise and appeared to be over the vicinity of the Toowoomba airport. Enquiries by Karim to the local showgrounds and the airport have failed to reveal any events that could explain these sightings. This newspaper article further stimulated a report from a woman dating back 24 years when she was driving through the town of Inglewood and was startled by an orange object that “jumped” in front of the car and performed acrobatic antics before disappearing. By the time she arrived in Toowoomba that evening there was already an article in the paper from a recent previous sighting reporting very similar events to those of the 12th of June this year. Another report was received by Karim for the 12th of June but the time was one hour earlier between 8.25pm to 8.35pm. This report involved a woman and her father who saw 2 orange lights stationary in the sky, one below the other. They turned to see an aeroplane in the opposite direction and when they turned back the bottom object rose to meet the top one and the two either merged into one or disappeared behind the other before rising further and disappearing.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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