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Toowoomba, Saturday August 31 2002, 6.55-7.15pm

Toowoomba, Saturday August 31 2002, 6.55-7.15pm

A woman saw a yellow-red light in the sky at 40 degrees elevation to the south. It appeared to be on the ridge and far away. At one stage it did a quick ‘zip’. She was in a car proceeding southwards on a straight road and had to look away at intervals. As she continued observing, the light seemed to be much closer. She heard no noise from the object and saw no flashing navigation light. She is a flight attendant and takes notice of aircraft in the sky. The time between the light being far away and then closer was about a minute. The abrupt sideways motion “zing” happened in about one second. It was a very clear night. She contacted Oakey army base and was told that there were no helicopter movements at that time.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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