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Toowoomba, Queensland, Thursday February 26 2004, 4.30am

Toowoomba, Queensland, Thursday February 26 2004, 4.30am

Traveling to work I noticed there were some large spots of light forming in a circle with a smaller formation of circles within that circle. All the spots of light were spinning around in circles at the same time that they were darting across the sky. I was driving east along a street and the formation was south-east of me. As I was driving and watching it dart across the sky, it vanished out of sight across the top of the car. I then had to stop at a set of lights, proceeded through the set of lights and caught sight of the object again. The formation had moved further south but was still in the east. I did wonder if it was lights coming from the university in the area but thought that at 4:30am possibly not. I then had to turn of the street I was driving east in and head north, which was when I lost sight. The objects were quite high in the sky and very large. From ground level they looked at least 15 feet wide, and at an altitude of roughly 800-1000 feet. I don’t recall seeing the moon and at the time I saw the formation, it was about an hour away from sunlight. The sky was overcast though.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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