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Toowoomba, November 11 2004, 9.00pm

Toowoomba, November 11 2004, 9.00pm

I went outside to cool off and looked towards the sky, as I normally do when sitting outside, and I saw two objects in the sky, white ball-shapes, both about the size of Mars. At first I thought ‘Oh it’s two planes flying side by side, but no…no navigation lights…’ and then I thought ‘Two satellites, tracking close together….’ But no. As they were… well it seemed liked playing with one another, like two balls in the sky. Flying around each other and doing circles etc, like two swallows playing together. I was going to call out to my daughter to have a look at these things but thought I better not. They played with one another for a while, about 15 or 20 minutes, and then shot off at great speed. They stayed in approximately the same area of the sky for the entire sighting.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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