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Toowoomba, late May 2008, 7.46pm

Toowoomba, late May 2008, 7.46pm

I live just two streets away from the Toowoomba Airport. (Coincidently, Airport Park is directly across the road from me). Anyway, one night around 7:46pm I was eating dinner outside, looking at the sky above the park. Suddenly, a sort of egg-shaped vessel was just hovering in the sky. The colour was one that I had never seen before — it could even be a new colour. It stayed there for about 40 minutes, but every ten minutes it would move to a different section of the park, remaining in my line of site all the time. When the 40 minutes ended it did one quick flight, revisiting the areas it had already hovered over. Then it seemed to just gain height, until I couldn’t see it anymore.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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