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Toowoomba, December 30 2006

Toowoomba, December 30 2006

My mother and I sighted orange lights in a haze directly above our house in Toowoomba. The lights covered the entire neighbourhood and all the dogs in the district were barking. Though the object itself was invisible, it made a low humming sound and moved very slowly over the roof tops. I came out to see the craft after having an ‘abduction’ experience in which I was in a hospital environment – white, clinical, all curved walls – with two rows of ‘people’ in crib-like capsules. I remember seeing a ‘man’ who I sensed had some connection with the USA. I was being studied and said at one point ‘stop it, you’re hurting my head’. While staying in Toowoomba, I woke up on several occasions with strange marks on my head, a lump on my neck two days prior to the sighting, and seeing a vision of the Earth’s destruction and the sensation of symbols being projected in my mind.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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