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Toowoomba 1983 [reported October 2007]

Toowoomba 1983 [reported October 2007]

When I was about 10 years old, about the summer of 1983, I was looking out our kitchen window in Perth St, Toowoomba, and saw a cyclamen pink sphere. It was so close to our home in relation to the gum trees nearby that even now I would estimate it was possibly within 500 metres of our house, so it appeared to be a very large object. It would wobble then dart back and forth from side to side, and then hover and wobble again. Being so young I don’t remember feeling scared but more curious. I watched it for a couple of minutes before calling out to my father who was the only other person at home at the time, but by the time he finally got to the window it had disappeared. The next day on the morning radio there were other reports of the object, but there never seemed to be a big deal made about it — I have a feeling it was brushed off as a weather balloon or something silly like that. I have never forgotten the incident simply because it was so bizarre, and yes I was just a kid, but it happened and I will never forget it!

Many years later I was living on the escarpment in Highfields, not far from Toowoomba, and it would have been about 1998. Again during the summer months, and I was outside taking down the washing in the evening when I saw several spherical lights out over the valley. They were making similar movements to the one I had seen as a child, in addition to taking off at great speeds before coming to a dead halt in the sky. These guys were throwing off different colours (not just pink). I got my partner at the time, who was as big a sceptic as you could meet, outside to take a look. He was astonished at these things and sat out there with his binoculars watching them for a good hour. I actually tired of it and went inside! The following night on the 11.00pm news, similar sightings were reported all up and down the east coast.


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


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