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Toowong, Sunday February 20 2011, 12.40pm

Toowong, Sunday February 20 2011, 12.40pm

Today, Sunday 20th February 2011, at 12H40, we had an object travelling in the sky at high speed in the direction from Toowong to Mount Coot-tha. The thing is we did not see any object as such, but suddenly in the middle of the day, a craft travelling at high speed above our house blocked off the sunlight in the back yard, and in the yard after our back yard, covering the sides of the house, skylights, and the front of the house as if we were experiencing a full-on black-out, but in the middle of a very sunny day without any lights on. We only managed to get a glimpse of a fast travelling object rather close above the house, through a dark plexi-panel of the back deck.

This object made no engine noise, and was travelling rather fast, no noise of plane, no noise of helicopter. We rushed outside but could see nothing else than a blue sky. At the same, a member of the family was shopping in Toowong and told us of a similar experience, thinking first instinctively that a cloud was blocking the sun, but as it moved fast realising it had to be something else. I wonder if someone else reported a similar incident. I’m not saying it is a UFO, not having seen the craft as such, but it was an odd experience that I cannot explain with the technology I’m aware we possess.


Toowong, Queensland, Australia


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