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Toowong, 1998 [reported May 2006]

Toowong, 1998 [reported May 2006]

While travelling home from work at Toowong one night on the train, between Milton and Roma Street stations I sighted a large object hovering horizontal in the sky to the east over the Brisbane River/Coronation Drive. It was long and rectangular in shape, flat matt grey in colour, and looked similar to a large steel girder that would be used on a building site. There were no cranes or construction nearby, and it was not suspended from anything that I could see. At first I thought it must have been a reflection on the train’s window, but when I cupped my hands either side of my head and pressed my face against the glass, I could see it was definitely there and approximately 100-200 metres away. It was dusk and around early autumn, around 6.00-6.30pm. I continued to watch it as the train progressed towards Roma Street, and it remained hovering off the ground at a height of about 100m. It did not move off, but did rotate slightly approximately 45 degrees, and I eventually lost sight of it as the train moved off. I’ve always wondered what it was, and as it was not that far off peak hour, did anyone else notice it, as the few other passengers in my train carriage didn’t seem to notice.


Toowong, Queensland, Australia


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