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Toombul/Nundah, May 12, 2011, 10.30pm

Toombul/Nundah, May 12, 2011, 10.30pm

A UFO appeared as a large grey triangular shape passing silently (with no sound) through the sky in an easterly direction and heading south over Toombul/Nundah area. The night was cloudless with most, if not all, air traffic having landed for the night.

It was difficult to make out the exact shape, however it appeared as matt grey against the dimly lit black sky and appeared to be shaped like a thick triangle. It was moving consistently with no sound towards the Gateway (motorway) and then moved south towards Clayfield. As it flew over Toombul it was lost from sight. There were no lights on the object at all, which was strange, and that with the lack of sound meant that it could not be a conventional aircraft. The sighting lasted about 10 seconds.


Toombul, Nundah, Queensland, Australia


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