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Togoolawah, May 12 2008

Togoolawah, May 12 2008

I’m a 13-year old from Togoolawah, which is located about 18 kilometres from Esk. On the 12th of May I took some pictures from the front verandah of my house, which faces north. I had been taking photos of the sky when I suddenly noticed a small dot in the distance. I originally thought it might be a skydiver as we have a drop zone two kilometres away. Suddenly it dipped and as it rose back up as I took the photo. I showed the photo to my father who has an interest in UFOs, who then emailed the pictures to a friend. It was black and shaped like an upside down bowl with a spire extending from the top. Later that afternoon after much discussion on the subject of UFOs I decided to go outside to take more photos just to see if I could find anything else, and I photographed the white balls and the other thing.

I also wish to report a sighting I had about four years ago in Camira. It was about 7 o’clock in mid-July. I was at a family party when my older cousin and I heard the low rumble of jet engines which wasn’t unusual but what we saw next was… A red pulsating ball of light was flying very low over the park followed by two F1-11s! My cousin and I were rather confused at this but decided not to tell anyone. As we were leaving the park at about 10.00pm I noticed the light again. It was flashing from black to red.


Toogoolawah, Queensland, Australia


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