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Tingalpa, March 26 2005, 6.05-6.15am

Tingalpa, March 26 2005, 6.05-6.15am

Between these times two peculiar objects entered the atmosphere. The first one entered at 6:05am. We [myself and my father] were on our way to work [facing east] when we noticed that a long, thin streak [about three centimetres long in the sky heading north-south] with a shiny dot [approx one centimetre] in front of it [the size of a pinhead because of the distance away]. We originally thought it was a meteorite coming into the atmosphere until we noticed the dot in front of the streak. However, we noticed it did not disintegrate and decided the angle was too steep for a meteorite. When it came closer to earth, it changed course [southeast], levelled off, and the line decreased in size [possibly indicating a decrease in speed].

At about 6:10am we noticed another object [dot and line] in the original position of the first [the first was still in view, but moving very slowly], that followed the same path. Before the second object began to level off, the first had stopped moving as if waiting for the second. When we last saw them the second had decreased speed and approached the position of the first. Large clouds then obscured the view and the clouds did not clear before we began work.


Tingalpa, Queensland, Australia


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