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Tibrogargan, June 27 2008, 5.05am

Tibrogargan, June 27 2008, 5.05am

It was Friday the 27th of June 2008 at 5:05am. I was riding my bike down a hill on Tibrogargan drive on my way to work in Narangba, Queensland, and the sky was clear. I looked at about a 45 degree angle to my southeast and I saw something in the sky so I hopped off my bike to have a proper look. It was in the distance and I could just see the outline of the UFO. It was a circular dish shape with a bump on the top and it was flashing all these different sorts of colours every 1-2 seconds, so I initially thought it was a plane but it was flashing blue, green, orange, red and some other colours. I hopped back on my bike but kept an eye on it on my way to work. I had a last look when I got to work after about twenty minutes and it had not moved from the position that I had seen it in initially.


Tibrogargan Drive, Narangba, Queensland, Australia


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