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Thornlands, Thursday January 4 2009

Thornlands, Thursday January 4 2009

I’d like to tell you about something unusual I’ve noticed on the mudflats near my place. I’ve recently taken an interest in mud crabbing, so I’ve been walking out on the mud flats at the end of King Street, Thornlands, to find a good location. I’ve done this each day for the past six days. On Wednesday afternoon, I walked out across the dry mud flat to the creek. That night it rained. On Thursday afternoon, my 13 year old daughter came with me. The mud was wet and really hard to walk on (as in heavy and sludgy, sticking to your shoes) due to the rain during the night.

We noticed three circles in the mud, approximately two metres in diameter, each with a tail spiralling away from the circle to the left about two metres long. There were no footprints, tracks or other markings in the mud near these circles. The circles were in a triangular pattern, approximately 10-15 metres away from each other. What was really unusual was that there was a dry patch of mud, approximately 10 metres across and 20 metres long behind the circles, between them and the mangroves. It rained again that night, and the following afternoon when we returned the dry patch was gone and all the mud was soggy again. I question what could have done such a thing, it’s very unlikely that rain didn’t fall over that small patch of mud.


Thornlands, Queensland, Australia


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