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Thornlands, approximately 1998-2002

Thornlands, approximately 1998-2002

Between 8-12 years ago — I don’t remember the date or even the year, but the time was about 7.50pm at night — I was in my bedroom looking out my window in Thornlands, looking south, and I saw an object as described in the accompanying image. It was about a kilometre away. I could not tell the exact size of it, maybe about the size of an Airbus a319. I saw it hovering in its position, dead still, no noise, though I doubt I would have heard anything anyway, and after about 15 seconds it disappeared. As I was young with great vision I only just saw it reappear about a third to a quarter of a second later, having moved around 300m. It moved and then disappeared again and I could not follow as it moved behind the roof.


Thornlands, Queensland, Australia


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