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Tewantin, Queensland, March 2007

Tewantin, Queensland, March 2007

I live in Tewantin, Queensland. For several weeks I have been observing ‘blinking’ objects in the night sky. Through binoculars they appear to be a round objects rapidly changing colours in a circular movement. In the two weeks leading up to the 30th of March 2007 I watched them on several nights: three were positioned towards the south and one in the north-west. On Friday 30th of March, I drove home in from Cooroy to Tewantin and noticed the same round object. This time it was close enough for me to see it colour changing with the naked eye. I hurried home and got my camera to take a picture. It was 11:30pm when these pictures were taken. The object was stationary at the west.


Tewantin, Queensland, Australia


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