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Terranora, February 2012, 9.45pm

Terranora, February 2012, 9.45pm

I would like to report an incident that happened over Terranora about a month ago. It was approximately 9 .45pm and I was on the computer out on our veranda. My wife was in the back garden with the dog before going to bed when she called out ‘George come and look at this.’ I said ‘no I’ve got no shoes on,’ and she said ‘I think you should see this,’ so I ran down in time to see a bright orange ball of light moving overhead. My wife said it flew directly over our house, although I didn’t witness this. The orange ball had shards of light coming out in all directions, and I thought at first it was my eyes playing tricks, so I asked my wife to fetch the binoculars (I should have asked for the camera). The light coming out of it was still there, and she said she could see it too as it moved out over some trees. It stopped moving and stayed in one spot for three or four minutes, then the lights seemed to retract into it. The object would go very dim, then slowly move off, then it would stop and go very bright again — out came the shards of light and it would just hang motionless again. Every time it moved off it would go dim, and every time it stopped it would go very bright again. This happened three or four times before it disappeared behind some trees. I feel very privileged to have witnessed this strange event indeed


Terranora, New South Wales, Australia


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