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Temora, NSW, 1968

Temora, NSW, 1968

I experienced three crop circles in 1968 on our farm in NSW between Temora, Young, Grenfell and Barmedmund. I realize you get a lot of email but this is a true story. I heard about crop circles in the 70’s but none before so when the internet became available I researched and found the crop circle in Queensland. It was good to know I was not alone in Australia. I did not know what they were until reports started coming in the 70’s.

When I was in 2nd form (age 13 in 1968) my homework was to document a full lunar cycle, which is easy in such a remote location with very little rain, no cloud cover and the nearest towns all over 30 miles away. While I did this I started seeing strange lights so I got my sister to come out each night with me. We watched these UFO’s nightly in the black sky. They changed from green to red and back again frequently. They moved up and down and in unusual patterns – darting here and there in extremely fast ways. We were a bit scared. People tell me it must have been aeroplanes, which is funny as we had none out there.

Part way through the month we decided to go crayfishing in the bottom dam and set off through a paddock that Dad had sown with wheat, which he only did once — in that year 1968. Not far into the paddock we came across three identical circles in the crop, in a line.

They were amazing! They were about 30 feet across (it was before metric conversion). The wheat was swirled flat in a clockwise direction. Every wheat straw (they were ripe) was either flat or upright — there was no in between, no breakage and in perfect patterns. In the centre of each circle was a cone shaped like a V into the crop and soil. The cone had traces of black substance that was filmy with no smell and it was gone the next day. The next day when we went back I was strangely relaxed and it all felt ‘right’. My sister did not feel this and has virtually obliterated it from her memory. I had vague recollections of being in a funny building but it was not scary like everyone was saying back then. I drowned at the age of five and I was put back in my body by beautiful beings of light – – big circles of light that told me to go back and gently put me back in. I now associate these Beings with those circles and UFOs. I have no fear of them at all.

Over the last 20 years I have had more and more memories of these Beings come back to me, and I have also had more memories of the craft. I understand now that those three circles were only visible because of the crop being sewn there that year (just the once due to it being an open paddock near the house). I think they used that spot to come and go a lot. I can interact with these Beings and recently a discussion with them told us that Australia was the first to be hit starting in December 2010 followed closely by the rest of the world. Mountains will slide and there will be great loss. They hold the Buddha Boy Ramm in very high esteem and as my abilities to interact with them have increased they address me as a group. They have been telling me for the last 10 years that all change will come through water in many many ways. I was taken (during a supposedly ordinary meditation) into black granite tunnels to meet with some special ‘other’ Beings, which I did and they showed me a strange device which created power. One being was ET and very familiar. When I came out of that meditation I was ‘homesick’ for weeks. I can ‘feel’ earthquakes and bad events before they happen. These light Beings now refer to themselves as the Shining Ones — which I looked up. Not many of the pictures look like the Beings I know. Big Violet, introduced himself as Paul so I could cope


Temora, NSW, Australia


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