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Tasmania, Tuesday February 17 2004

Tasmania, Tuesday February 17 2004

We were driving home, travelling east along a street and out of the driver side window I noticed a large orange light in the sky. I said to my friends “Hey look. Is that a plane?” We stopped the car and got out for a better look. The light, which is a single light, was quite large and orange, perhaps two and a half times larger than the Northern star, and was travelling south to north. The light seemed to flicker randomly, a bit like a flame in a light wind, and also seemed to be making very small sideways adjustments in its flight path. There was no sound at all, and as it was around midnight there was no traffic and not much background noise. As the object reached a halfway point in the northern sky a man walked past so we stopped him to point it out. He agreed with us that it didn’t seem likely to be a plane and watched with us until it disappeared over the horizon. We first saw the light when it was about halfway up the sky in the south, over houses, and watched it until it disappeared behind the horizon to the north, over the river. Total time from when we first saw it to when it disappeared was about 90 seconds – it could have been slightly less – and the light was as bright when it disappeared as when we first saw it. It was one single, orange light at all times with no sound that we could hear.


Tasmania, Australia


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