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Tansey, near Gympie, 1982, reported October 2007

Tansey, near Gympie, 1982, reported October 2007

I was probably about 12 years old (going back 25 years) and I lived on a farm in Tansey in Queensland which is about an hour inland from Gympie. I saw what looked like a bright star just over the horizon, above a hill in the far distance. It was just going on dusk so all the stars were coming out, but whatever it was it was larger and brighter than Venus. The stars are much brighter in the country than the city. I thought it may just be a satellite or a distant plane, but it just hovered around in the same spot. It actually moved back, forwards, up and down but did not move in relation to the stars. It was random movement but it generally kept in the same area above the horizon. I got my parents out to look at it but they just made fun of me as they just saw it as a star, but I always have remembered it. I watched it for more than an hour straight and then randomly checked on it ever 15 mins or so for the next few hours until it was bed time so it would have been in the same spot for about 3 hours – sometimes still and sometime moving slightly in different directions. I never saw the “star” in the spot ever again after that. A star, shooting star, satellite, weather balloon or plane moves across the sky in a pattern. There was no pattern at all so I guess I’ll just always wonder what I saw.


Tansey, Queensland, Australia


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