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Tallebudgera (Gold Coast Hinterland), August 29 2009, 7.15pm

Tallebudgera (Gold Coast Hinterland), August 29 2009, 7.15pm

I live right up the back of Tallebudgera Valley on the side of a mountain. About two hundred metres further up from us the road ends in a dead end, a horseshoe shape of towering cliffs.

Around 7.15pm on Saturday 29th, I looked out the back windows that face the cliffs, and noticed a really bright light coming over the top of the mountain from the south. We often have planes flying around as Coolangatta airport is not very far away, though we don’t usually see planes coming over from the south. I immediately thought it was a plane or helicopter, but then noticed it had none of the blinking lights they have. I opened the window to see if I could hear it, but could hear nothing. It seemed to be travelling in my direction, so ran downstairs and outside to see if I could see what it was or if I could hear it once I was out there. I noticed that the closer it got to me, the smaller and fainter it seemed to get, then realized it wasn’t that it was getting closer, it was going straight up. I watched it for probably 30 seconds — it wasn’t fast, just steady, until it just seemed to change from a bright white light to a red glow, then it completely disappeared.

My husband came outside and we sat there for about half an hour – we saw two satellites and a shooting star, none of which resembled what I had seen. We discussed all the things we thought it could have been — he suggested a flare, but it wasn’t fast, just a steady speed. It didn’t go up then come down, it wasn’t a plane, no blinking lights at all, not a satellite, too close, too big and too bright, it was just as bright and big as Jupiter is at the moment, but moving, and as I said, went straight up until it disappeared.


Tallebudgera, Queensland, Australia


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