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Sydney [NSW], 1970s [reported March 2005]

Sydney [NSW], 1970s [reported March 2005]

When I was living in Sydney in the 1970s I was travelling to work by train, hanging out the door as the carriage was crowded, when I saw a silvery bell-shaped object flying low over the rooftops of Redfern and keeping pace with the train. I felt curious but did not feel comfortable enough to point it out to my fellow travellers and none of them either saw it or felt like pointing it out either.

Some years later I saw a small, shiny stainless steel-looking ball flying over our backyard in the Five Dock area.

Last year [2004] my wife and I observed what looked like a floating mass of burning plasma moving low in the sky and slowly towards Mount Mee . It was visible for about 15 minutes late in the afternoon just before sunset.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


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