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Surfers Paradise [QLD], June 11 2005, 6.01pm

Surfers Paradise [QLD], June 11 2005, 6.01pm

We are just wondering if anybody else has had a similar report to ours? Saturday 6.01pm. Crown Towers, Surfers Paradise. After our family was leaving the hotel, after a visit, we were watching the bungy rocket ride. Standing below you have to look straight up. I noticed a bright white steady moving light. Moving Surfers to Tweed direction right above us. I said to my husband “Hey look at that light, what do you think it is?” when it then immediately went out. Only a very faint speck of colour could be seen. This got my husband and family interested. It moved in a straight line, moving faster and faster away when suddenly it made a sharp right angled turn towards the ocean, slowing down to then make another right angle turn. Moving slow, fast, then veering out more towards the ocean when it just stopped for ages. Wanting to stay longer to watch, we had to go. It was still in the same spot. It got the attention of my family who all commented that it was weird


Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia


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