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Sunshine Coast, 19 June 2009, 10.05am

Sunshine Coast, 19 June 2009, 10.05am

I took this image [centre right] on the 19th June at 10:05am. The first object appeared moving and flashing brightly, very small and seemed only several kilometres high, moved in bursts as it flashed. It lasted only five seconds and faded quickly.

The second object appeared possibly closer, brighter and lasted for longer so I ran to get the camera. When I got the camera ready I could no longer see any object so took a wide angle shot and the pic attached is from the right lower corner of that larger image.

The position is consistent with the path it was on along the power lines when I saw it. There is a lot of air traffic around this area and a lot of bird life, what I saw was very different to those. Not sure if it relates to the streaking objects seen north of Gin Gin at 6.00am the same day.


Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


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