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Sunnybank ,Tuesday August 12 2003, 7.15pm

Sunnybank ,Tuesday August 12 2003, 7.15pm

A man reported seeing three lights playing tag with each other in the north/northwest sky. After ten to fifteen minutes another light joined them and they moved quickly across the sky, changing direction. He advised they were moving much faster than an aircraft and were a grey-silver colour. The lights were approx. fifty degrees elevation above the horizon and appeared to be the length of his thumb and twice as thick at arm’s length. He watched them for twenty minutes as he wandered in and out of the house looking at them. By 8.00pm they were gone. He first thought they were from the Brisbane exhibition show but once he checked his directions he realised they were not in that vicinity. There appeared to be no pattern to the lights’ movements whatsoever. [Editor’s Note: Wavell Heights is about 10km to the north of Brisbane City and Sunnybank about 15km to the south. This witness and the previous one were both looking towards the City at about the same time, and were probably observing a light display.]


Sunnybank, Queensland, Australia


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