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Sunnybank, Thursday May 3 2007, 8.00am

Sunnybank, Thursday May 3 2007, 8.00am

This occurred on the 3.05.07. I could have mistaken this for aircraft, anyway… I was travelling towards Mains Road Sunnybank heading south when I stopped at the traffic lights of Granard and Mains Rd opposite ANZ Stadium and saw three silver egg-shaped objects travelling extremely close together, I would says five metres apart in formation, and about 20 metres off the ground, just enough to fly over the trees and buildings. This was about 8.00am in the morning. I thought it was the sun reflecting off planes because they were travelling in the same path as most planes do, but as they got closer their shape was more rounded. Their path seemed to be just over the Sunnybank Hotel, heading west to Archerfield airport. Also they were all different sizes and there was one that was smaller and was moving around another of the craft in a vertical, circular motion before it disappeared, leaving what seemed to be two craft. I attempted to follow them, but once they were out of sight I never saw them again. I was expecting people to jump out of their cars and be staring at the objects but no-one did. I did see a small aircraft, maybe a Cessna-type, fly in the same flight path about 20 seconds later, but higher in the air. I do recall thinking I could clearly establish that this was a plane, and the objects were smaller then the plane by maybe 20 percent. Did anyone else report this sighting, or were my eyes playing tricks on me? I was about 500 metres to one kilometre away from the objects when I saw them.


Sunnybank, Queensland, Australia


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